Picture Viewer Plug-in

The Picture Viewer plug-in allows you to compare image files, with differences highlighted.  It can compare files of different picture types, color depth or scale, with settable tolerance and a variety of zoom options.

One image can be offset in relation to the other by dragging with the mouse or nudging with arrow keys.  The Stretch to Match feature automatically enlarges the smaller image for comparison.

Supported Image Formats:

.bmp, .ico, .wmf, .emf, .jfif, .jpg, .jpe, .jpeg,
.rle, .dib, .win, .vst, .vda, .tga, .icb, .tiff,
.tif, .fax, .eps, .pcx, .pcc, .scr, .rpf, .rla,
.sgi, .rgba, .rgb, .bw, .psd, .ppd, .ppm, .pgm,
.pbm, .cel, .pic, .pcd, .cut, .psp, .png, .gif

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