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From Our Users

On 08/03/2023, Dan R. wrote:

There are 5 groups of people who should consider using Beyond Compare 4.

1. Anyone who has ever written (or may one day write) more than one line of code in any computer language - must have it.
2. For anyone who has ever stored (or may one day store) a file on a file system, including cloud services, BC4 is highly recommended - if you ever backup any files, you absolutely need it.
3. Anyone who has ever modified a digital file (document, spreadsheet, image, or anything else) or thinks they might someday need to review a modified digital file - must have it.
4. Anyone who wants to hear their manager say, "How did you do that so fast?" - must have it.
5. Everyone else who might ever log into a desktop or laptop computer -- the time (or job) that BC4 saves may be your own.

Disclaimer: This list is not complete. I have only been using Beyond Compare for a little over 15 years (BC2?), so there are many things that it can do that I have not yet discovered.

You have an excellent product. The world would be a better place if more companies would adopt your culture, quality standards, and business ethic. Thank you.

I would also like to extol the virtues of your support team, but, alas I cannot. I have never spoken with them. I have never needed to speak with them, your software just works.