Linux Distribution Compatibility

BC3 logo BC version 3 or later

Beyond Compare does not run as a console application on Linux.  It requires the X window system.

Compatible Linux distributions

Distributions supported with default desktop environment unless otherwise noted.

Linux distribution BC version
3.3.13 4.0.7 4.4.7 5
Debian 10 x
Debian 11 (64-bit only) x x
Debian 12 (64-bit only) x x
Fedora 37 x x
Fedora 38 x x
Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon x x
Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon x x
Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 x x
Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 x x x
Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 x x x
Redhat Enterprise Linux 8 x x
Redhat Enterprise Linux 9 x x
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS x x
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS x x

Prior to version 4.1, 64-bit distributions required 32-bit compatibility libraries.  Using the .deb/.rpm packages with apt-get/yum, or your distribution's associated package manager will install them automatically.

Other Linux Distributions

Limited technical support is provided for Linux distributions and desktop environments that haven't passed compatibility testing.

See also Tips for using BC on Linux.