How to Upgrade

Upgrade Policy

  • Minor and maintenance updates are always free.  Simply install the new version.
  • Upgrades to the next major version are generally half price.
  • New licenses (not upgrades) bought after January 1, 2013 upgrade to version 4 for free.
  • New licenses (not upgrades) bought after January 1, 2007 upgrade to version 3 for free.
  • Single-platform licenses can now be upgraded to multi-platform for free.
  • To upgrade a version 2 Unlimited Site or World-wide license, contact us for special pricing.

Half price (or free) upgrades are for the same or comparable license edition.  Version 2 is comparable to version 3 Standard edition.  You can upgrade from Standard to Pro edition for the difference in price.

Multi-user licenses are upgraded in their entirety to a new major version.  You cannot split up a multi-user license and upgrade part of it.  However, an upgraded user may continue to use the older version instead of or in addition to the new version.

Upgrade Protection

When you buy a new license, you automatically get 12 months of upgrade protection.  That means if we release a major upgrade within 12 months of your purchase, you can get the upgrade for free.  You only get automatic upgrade protection when you pay full price for a license.  It is not reestablished when you pay half price to upgrade to a new major version.  If you skip a major version and pay full price to upgrade, it is effectively a new license and you get 12 more months of upgrade protection.

Annual Maintenance

If you have an unlimited or enterprise license and prefer to budget your license fees, you can renew your upgrade protection annually for 20% of the (then current) license price.  If your upgrade protection expires, you can only reestablish it at the time you purchase an upgrade by paying the annual amount (20%) in addition to the upgrade price (50%).  The upgrade transaction sets the new upgrade protection anniversary date.

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