Sales FAQs

How do I purchase Beyond Compare?

The best way to purchase Beyond Compare is by visiting our online store.

Delivery is immediate with credit card payment online.  We also accept ACH, wire transfers and checks written in USD.  License keys are delivered once our bank receives payment.

Do you accept purchase orders?

United States and Canada:  We accept Net 30 POs in USD which contain zero terms and conditions.  If your purchase orders fit all of these criteria, please create a Proforma Invoice on our website.  Then, email a copy of your purchase order to us at Scooter Software Sales , citing your 6 digit Order Number.

Rest of World:  Sorry, no.  We recommend purchasing on our online store or contacting one of our local resellers.

Can I add users to my existing Beyond Compare license?

Unfortunately, no.  The user count, as well as licensee name and license type (Standard or Pro) are tied into license key generation.  Because of this it's not possible to add seats to an existing license or license key.  You should simply purchase a new, separate license.

That said, if you purchase the same type of license (i.e. You have BC5 Pro and the additional licensing purchased is also for 5 Pro) you may select one license key for all of your installations, as long as you're careful not to exceed your licensing entitlements in total.

Can Beyond Compare be purchased in one country and used in another?

Yes!  There is no geographic limitation for per-user Beyond Compare licensing.  You may buy in Country X and use in Country Y.

The only exception is that BC should not be transferred to countries which are trade embargoed by the United States:

Do I need to renew my Beyond Compare license?

No.  Beyond Compare licensing is perpetual, which means your one time license fee allows you to use any minor or maintenance release of the major verison purchased forever.  There are no yearly renewal fees and no hidden costs.

Is it possible to upgrade from Standard to Pro?

Absolutely!  You may upgrade for the difference in cost using your registered email address here.

Can I upgrade part of my license to the next major version?

Sorry, no.  All major upgrades must be completed in their entirety.  If you have a 10-user license then all 10 seats must be upgraded together.

The upgrade credit we provide represents the entire value of your existing license.  Whichever size and type of license you purchase with your upgrade will completely replace the old licensing.

I have a Beyond Compare 5 license.  Do I need to pay for an upgrade to use the latest minor or maintenance release?

Never!  Your one time BC5 purchase allows you to use any 5.x.x release of the program forever.  You may obtain our latest release by selecting Help | Check For Updates within the program itself or by downloading from our website.