Beyond Compare is licensed on either a per-user or per-workstation basis.  A single user license covers one person using BC on any number of computers, or a single workstation accessed by multiple people.

QuantityStandard EditionPro Edition
1 - 4   $35 / user   $70 / user
5 - 928 / user56 / user
10 - 4924.50 / user49 / user
50 - 9919.25 / user38.50 / user
100+15.75 / user31.50 / user
All pricing is in US dollars.

The quantity discounts shown above apply when you purchase a multiuser license.  Prior purchases do not affect the price.

Editions and Platforms

Beyond Compare has two editions, Standard and Pro.  The Standard Edition is a powerful, full-featured comparison tool.  The Pro Edition includes all the Standard features plus these additional advanced features.

Beyond Compare is available for Windows, macOS, and several popular Linux distributions.  Licenses purchased after January 1, 2016 will work for all supported platforms.  Older, single platform licenses may be upgraded to multiplatform for free.

Licensing Details

There is no distance limitation on multiuser version licenses (except of course for the unlimited user Site license).  You can buy licenses discounted by quantity for employees across an organization regardless of location.

These are not concurrent licenses, since BC does not enforce concurrency.  In an environment that limits concurrency, such as a terminal server with a limit on concurrent connections, you can treat that limit as the number of workstations.

Beyond Compare licenses are perpetual.  Once you buy a license to a specific major version, and as long as you abide by the license agreement, you can use that version forever with no additional cost.

Whether a license is a single-user license or a multiuser license, it has a single license key and must be upgraded or transferred as a unit.