Standard vs. Pro

The Standard Edition of Beyond Compare is a powerful, full-featured comparison tool.  The Pro Edition includes all the Standard features and adds these:

  • Pro only Text Merge
    Two- and three-way text merging compares independent changes against a common ancestor to create new merged content.
  • Pro only Folder Merge
    In BC verson 4 Pro, two- and three-way merging now supports folders as well as files.
  • Pro only Windows logo Source control integration
    Adds commands for checking files in or out of SCC-compliant version control systems.  Windows only.
  • Pro only Built-in SFTP support
    Rather than relying on third-party solutions, the Pro Edition has integrated support for secure FTP protocols (SFTP and FTP over SSL).
  • Pro only Text replacements
    Lets you flag certain text replacements as unimportant differences in a Text Compare session.  For example, ignore all instances where apple was replaced by orange.
  • Pro only Folder Compare alignment overrides
    Overrides how files are aligned in a Folder Compare session.  For example, you could compare your .gif files on one side with .png files of the same name on the other side.
  • Pro only Windows logo Registry Compare
    Compares live registries, both local and remote, as well as registry files.  Windows only. 
  • Pro only WebDAV, Dropbox, Subversion, etc.
    BC version 4 Pro has integrated support for WebDAV, Dropbox cloud, OneDrive, Amazon S3, and Subversion resources.  OneDrive is only on Windows logo Windows and Mac logo macOS.

In trial mode you can use both Standard and Pro features.  Upon registering, the license key unlocks the appropriate features permanently.

If you choose the Standard Edition license, you can upgrade later to Pro for the difference in price.

BC version 2 does not have a Pro Edition:  It is comparable to a Standard Edition.

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