Beyond Compare "Tweaks" are hidden options.  They may be features that we are experimenting with and not yet officially implemented.  Or, they address rather obscure needs, and we don't want to clutter the user interface more than it already is.

BC4 logo BC version 4

In version 4, Tweaks are now exposed in the Options dialog.

BC3 logo BC version 3

To access tweaks in version 3, press CTRL+SHIFT+T.

BC2 logo BC version 2

To set tweaks in version 2, you need to edit Registry settings.

Warning:  Editing your Registry can be dangerous!  Please do not attempt this if you are not confident of your skills in this area.  Make a backup of the Registry before editing it.

From the Start menu, select Run and type "regedit".  Then, locate this registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare

Key Value Name Data Feature
\ SettingsPath (spec) Settings location override.
Settings AutoComplete 0 Disables path autocomplete on path edits
Settings BackupOption (spec) Overrides first slot in backup mask list
Settings BinaryBufferSize 65536 Memory used for binary content comparison
Settings ConfirmFileDelete 1 Suppress the delete confirmation dialog
Settings CopyACLs 0 Copy NTFS Security Descriptors when copying files.
Settings DisableBCSSAssoc 0 Disable snapshot support to allow comparison of .bcs and .bcss files
Settings FullArchiveCompare 0 Force full comparisons of zipped files during rules-based comparisons
Settings HintPause 500 Time in milliseconds before help hints appear.  Default is 500 (1/2 second).
Settings OldCopyMethod 0 Always use the old copy method (BC 2.0) even under Windows NT/2000/XP
Settings MRUSize 5 Set number of items stored in MRU lists
Settings NoCommaInRules 1 Turns off allowing comma as a file association separator.
Settings SafeDeleteConfirm 1 Causes delete confirmation to default to unchecked for both sides
FileViewer CopyBothSeparator (spec) Characters to use to separate lines from the two files when using Copy Both Sides
FileViewer DetailsOnTop 1 Moves Line Details panel to top of window
FileViewer HideVScroll 1 Suppresses vertical scroll bar on left pane and (when possible) thumbnail
FileViewer MaxFileChunks 256 Controls how large a file has to be before Beyond Compare will keep it locked during the comparison.
FileViewer SambaSafeSave 0 Forces File Viewer to save directly to file, instead of using a temp file first.
FileViewer VisSpace 183 Unicode character value for visualizing spaces
FileViewer VisTab 187 Unicode character value for visualizing tabs
FileViewer VisFill ' ' Unicode character value for visualizing tab fill
FileViewer VisLF 182 Unicode character value for visualizing Unix line terminators
FileViewer VisCRLF 164 Unicode character value for visualizing Windows line terminators
FileViewer VisCR 171 Unicode character value for visualizing Mac line terminators
FolderViewer HalfHourTimezones 0 Timezone adjustment in half hour instead of whole hour increments.
FTP AfterLogin (spec) Send a custom FTP command immediately after logging in
FTP KeepAliveCommands NOOP;PWD Semicolon separated list of commands to use for keep alive.
FTP KeepAliveInterval 0 Time in seconds to send commands to keep an FTP connection open.
FTP NoMDTM 0 Disable setting timestamps on FTP sites using the MDTM command

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