Perforce Helix SCC Support

Using Perforce Helix with SCC Version Control Integration

Beyond Compare for Windows, Pro Edition uses the Microsoft SCC API for check-in, check-out, and version control status.  Newer versions of Perforce Visual Client (P4V) don't include SCC support.

To enable check-in and check-out from within Beyond Compare:

  1. Beyond Compare 4.1.4 or newer on 64-bit Windows only:  Run the installer with the /32 command line switch to force the 32-bit edition.  Perforce SCC integration doesn't support the 64-bit edition of Beyond Compare.
  2. Install the Perforce P4SCC Plug-in.
  3. In Beyond Compare Pro, open Tools | Source Control Integration.
  4. Click the Browse button and select the working folder for your Perforce workspace.
  5. Click Add and fill in your Perforce connection information.

Once configured, you'll be able to use the Actions | Source Control menu items to check-in and check-out from within Beyond Compare.

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