Linux Snap Package Errors

Snap Packages

Newer versions of Ubuntu Linux include support for snaps, containerized software packages that are an alternative to traditional Debian (.deb) packages.  Snap packages are isolated from the system, which can prevent Beyond Compare from working correctly.

Errors and Limitations

Scooter Software doesn't support Beyond Compare as a snap package.  When installed using a community provided snap package:

  • Diffs and Merges launched from version control (Git, Mercurial) fail with File not found.
  • Comparisons that use file formats with external conversion (PDF) fail with External program "<program name>" not found.
  • File manager right click context menus are not supported.


  1. Uninstall the snap version of Beyond Compare:
       sudo snap remove bcompare
  2. Download and install the official .deb version of Beyond Compare from our download page.

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