Archive Attribute

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The Archive attribute is one of the original DOS file attribute flags (along with Hidden, System and Read-only).

The Archive attribute is set whenever a file changes (needs to be backed up), and cleared whenever a backup program successfully backs up the file.  Beyond Compare sets the attribute on an edited file, or on the copy of a file when it is copied to a network or local drive.  DOS attributes including Archive are not supported on FTP servers.

Beyond Compare does not act like a backup program.  It does not clear the Archive attribute on a file after successfully copying it to another location.


Beyond Compare 3.0.0 through 3.0.11 have incorrect Archive attribute behavior in two situations:

  1. Copying files from an FTP server to a local or network drive.  The copied file will not have the Archive attribute set.  Other versions of Beyond Compare behave correctly and set the Archive attribute in this situation.
  2. Saving read-only files.  If the Keep read-only flag is checked, the saved file will not have the Archive attribute set.

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