Problems Opening Archive Files

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Cab Files

There are several incompatible types of files that use the .CAB extension.  Beyond Compare only supports the Microsoft Cabinet format, and will not be able to open the other types.

A related issue is self-extracting CABs.  These are similar to self extracting zip files, and can be opened in WinZip.  Beyond Compare cannot currently understand these files and will refuse to open them.

Zip Files

You may get the error message "Unable to determine archive format" or "does not appear to be a valid zip archive".  If the file isn't invalid, it is possible it is in the Zip64 format, or uses Winzip AES encryption, both of which Beyond Compare doesn't support.  Programs like newer versions of WinZip will use Zip64 if the zip file is over 4 gigabytes, contains a file over 4 gigabytes, or contains more than 64k files.

Tar Files

The maximum path length supported by Beyond Compare is 100 characters.  Paths longer than this will be truncated.  Also, empty folders in tar archives are not displayed or copied.

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