Amazon S3

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Beyond Compare 4 Pro includes support for Amazon S3.

Creating an Amazon S3 Profile

  1. Open Tools | Profiles (Windows, Linux) or Beyond Compare | Profiles (macOS).
  2. Click +.
  3. Select Amazon S3 Profile.
  4. Enter the Access key ID.
  5. Enter the Secret access key.
  6. Click Save.

Loading an Amazon S3 Profile

  1. Open the Folder Compare or Folder Sync.
  2. Click the left or right Browse button.
  3. Select your saved Amazon S3 profile and click OK.


Amazon S3 profiles don't preserve modified timestamps when copying files.  Copied files are timestamped with the time of the copy.  To workaround the issue, copy the timestamp from the Amazon S3 file back to the local file using the Actions | Touch command.

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