Subversion and 3rd Party SCC Support

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Beyond Compare for Windows, Pro Edition can integrate with most version control systems using the SCC API.  It adds Check in, Check out and Undo Checkout commands in the file viewer, plus a Source Control menu in the folder view.

More information on SCC can be found here.

Subversion does not include built-in support for the SCC API, so the source control options will show "No Providers Detected".

Our customers have had positive experience using TortoiseSVN and the Explorer context menu.  This solution does not require using the SCC API.  The Explorer submenu is available in:

  • The Folder Compare by right-clicking an item
  • The Folder Compare's Actions | Explorer submenu
  • The Text Compare's File | Explorer submenu

Please trial third party software before making a purchase.  While we hope this information is helpful, we cannot provide support for TortoiseSVN.

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