Plug-ins for Version 2

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Plug-ins extend Beyond Compare's functionality by providing alternate file comparison windows, file parsing capabilities, or container handling.  They allow us to extend Beyond Compare features without releasing an entirely new version.

Other than SymbolView, the following plug-ins are "read-only" viewers.  You can view but not edit files with them.

These plug-ins only work with a registered copy of Beyond Compare 2.

To install a plug-in:

  1. Download and run the .exe installer.
  2. Restart BC and go to Tools | Options | Rules.  The plug-in should appear in the "Plug-ins Loaded" section.

To use a plug-in:

  1. Double click a pair of files associated by file extension with the plug-in,
  2. Or, right click a pair of files and select Open With | <plug-in name>.

Hex Viewer Plug-in
7-August-2007   v2.5.1   773kb

The Hex Viewer plug-in displays binary data files side-by-side with differences highlighted.  More info...

Data Viewer Plug-in
23-August-2007   v2.4.2   865kb

Data Viewer is a plug-in for viewing text data files.  It compares delimited and fixed column data files, as well as HTML tables.  The viewer shows fields in columns, automatically sized according to the data.  More info...

Picture Viewer Plug-in
7-August-2007   v2.3.2   1048kb

Picture Viewer is a plug-in for viewing images side-by-side and showing the differences.  More info...

Version Viewer Plug-in
7-August-2007   v2.2.1   874kb

The Version Viewer plug-in compares version information in file types such as .exe, .sys, .dll, .ocx, .386, .scr, .drv and .vxd.  More info...

MP3 Viewer Plug-in
16-November-2007   v2.1.2   898kb

The MP3 Viewer plug-in compares tag information in .mp3 files, and plays audio content.  More info...

Combined Download

All Plug-ins
as of 16-November-2007   2824kb

All the above plug-ins in a single download. 

Third-party Plug-ins

Symbol/Icon Viewer
23-Jan-2008   v2.0.2

SymbolView, from Humbach Datentechnik compares icon and cursor files.  In multiicon files, individual icons can be copied or deleted.  Now handles Vista icons.  More info...

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