Folder Merge Commands

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Following is a description of the Folder Merge commands, in addition to the common commands.  Most of these commands are available as toolbar buttons.

Pick Tools > Options and switch to the Toolbars, etc. page to define your own keyboard shortcuts, and hide or expose commands on the menus and toolbars.

The Session menu

Save Session

Saves the current session.

Save Session As

Saves the current session under a new name.

Session Settings

Opens the Folder Merge Session Settings dialog.


Locks or unlocks current session.

Clear Session

Replaces the current view with an empty Folder Merge.

Swap Sides

Exchanges the left and right base folders.


Goes back to (earlier) compared base folders.


Goes forward to (later) compared base folders.

Browse for Folder >

 Left Side / Center Side / Right Side / Output Side

Browses for an existing folder on the specified side.

Up One Level >

 Left Side / Center Side / Right Side / Output Side / All Sides

Changes specified base folders to their parent folders.

Folder Merge Info

Displays merge statistics.

Compare to Output >

 Left Side / Center Side / Right Side

Opens the base folder on the indicated side and the output base folder in a new Folder Compare session.

Merge Parent Folders

Opens a new Folder Merge session based on the parent folders of the current base folders.

The Actions menu

Open Folder / Close Folder

Opens or closes the selected folder in the comparison.

Open Subfolders

Opens the selected folders and all their subfolders.

Close Subfolders

Closes the selected folders and all their subfolders.

Set as Base Folder

Sets the selected folder as the base folder on its side of the comparison.

Set as Base Folders

Sets the two or three selected folders as the left and right or left, right and center base folders in this comparison view.  (To open them in a new view use Open in New View instead.)


Opens selected items in a new comparison view.  If the items are files, the view type is determined by the file format list.  If exactly two items are selected, they will be compared to each other (whether or not they are across from each other) in the new view.  If only one item is selected it will be compared to the item across from it, if it exists.

Open With

Opens selected files in a new view using a specified type of file session, or opens the selected items in an external application, as defined in "Open With" Applications.  Note that the Folder Merge view is not automatically updated if the items are modified by the external application.

Open With >

 Associated Application

Opens selected files with the associated application.

Open With >

 Text Edit

Opens selected files with the built-in text editor.

Open With >

 Text Patch

Opens selected files with the built-in patch view.

Quick Compare

Displays the Quick Compare dialog for the selected files.  If exactly two files are selected, they will be compared to each other (whether or not they are across from each other).  If only one file is selected, it will be compared to the file across from it.

Compare To

Allows you to select one item, and then click on a second item to compare them in a new view.

Compare Contents

Compares contents of the selected items using one of three methods.


Performs automated merge of selected items.

Copy to Right / Copy to Left *

Copies selected files, folders to the explicitly indicated side.  Normally associated with Ctrl+R, Ctrl+L keyboard shortcuts.

Copy to Side *

Prompts which side to copy selected files, folders to.

Copy to Other Side

Dynamic command that copies selected files, folders to the opposite side.  The caption and icon appear as Copy to Right, Copy to Left or Copy to Side depending on which side(s) are selected.

Copy to Output

Copies selected files, folders to the output folder.


Deletes selected files, folders.


Renames selected files, folders.


Changes file attributes on selected files, folders.


Changes timestamps on selected files, folders.


Excludes selected file, or type of file, from the current session.

New Folder

Creates a new folder.

Copy Filename

Copies a list of the selected items' paths to the clipboard.


Suppresses differences in selected items.

Refresh Selection

Refreshes the selected items.

Source Control

Displays a submenu of source control actions (see below).  Only appears if a source control provider has been configured and all selected items are under source control.


Displays the file manager's context menu for the selected item(s).

Source Control Submenu

Add to Source Control

Adds the file to the project.

Remove from Source Control

Removes the file from the project.

Get Latest Version

Gets the latest version from the source control repository.

Get *

Gets a particular version from the source control repository.

Check In

Takes your changes and applies them to the project.

Check Out

Checks the file out from the source control repository and makes your local copy writable.

Undo Check Out

Removes any changes you have made to the local copy and sets it back to read-only.

Show Differences

Tells the version control system to display the comparison of the file with the one in version control.  The version control system will only use Beyond Compare if it is set up to do so.

Show History

Shows the history of the file in the version control system.

Show Properties

Shows version control-specific properties.

Run Source Control Application

Runs the source control application.

The Edit menu

Expand All

Opens all folders in view.

Collapse All

Closes all folders in view.

Select All

Selects all visible items.

Select All Files

Selects all visible files.

Select Newer >

 Left Side / Right Side / Both Sides

Selects all visible files that are newer on the specified side.

Select Orphans >

 Left Side / Right Side / Both Sides

Selects all visible orphan files on the specified side.

Invert Selection

Selects all items not currently selected, and deselects all items currently selected.


Refreshes open folders.

Full Refresh

Refreshes entire comparison.

The Search menu

Next Difference

Positions at next difference.

Previous Difference

Positions at previous difference.

Find Filename

Finds filename matching search string.

Find Next Filename

Finds next filename matching search string.

Find Previous Filename

Finds previous filename matching search string.

The View menu

Show All

Uses no display filter on either side.

Show Changes

Shows left add, right add, left delete, right delete, left change, right change and conflict items.

Show Conflicts

Shows conflict items.

Show Left Changes

Shows left add, left delete, and left change items.

Show Right Changes

Shows right add, right delete, and right change items.

Show Mergeable

Shows same change and difference change items.

Show Unchanged

Shows unchanged items.

Show None *

Hides all files.  Useful in conjunction with Always Show Folders to copy folder structures.

Always Show Folders

Shows all folders, except those excluded by file filters.

Compare Files and Folder Structure

Shows folders containing files or folders that match the current display filter.  Orphan folders will follow the same filtering rules as orphan files.

Compare Files Only

Shows only folders containing files to be shown.

Ignore Folder Structure

Compares filenames regardless of which subfolder they may be in.  (Also called Flatten Folders.)

Ignore Unimportant Differences

Treats unimportant differences as same.

Ignore Same Changes

Treats same changes as same.

Suppress Filters

Temporarily suppresses file filters and display filters.

Center Pane

Shows or hides the center pane.


Shows or hides view columns.


Displays a window that lists what the different folder colors mean.


Shows or hides the log panel.


Shows or hides the toolbar.

* Hidden by default.