Toolbar, Shortcut, Menu Options

Tools > Options > Toolbars, etc.

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These options allow you to control which commands appear in menus and on toolbars, and allow you to set keyboard shortcuts for commands.  Since the menus and toolbars change depending on the type of window, you need to pick the appropriate session view.

In the search edit, type the name or description of the command you are looking for in order to limit the list of commands.

Pick a command in the list to edit.  The command's description will appear below the list.

Checkboxes in the Menu and Toolbar columns control where commands are shown.

To change the keyboard shortcut, focus on the Shortcut edit and press the desired keystroke.  Click the Remove button to remove an assigned shortcut or the Default button to revert it to the factory default setting.  If a keyboard shortcut is already assigned elsewhere, a warning appears and you have the option of reassigning it.

Most session types have display filter commands available.  The Display filter mode can be changed to DropDown, Favorites or Toggles.  It can also be changed by right-clicking on the view's toolbar.

Large buttons with text labels can also be changed by right-clicking on the view's toolbar.

For documentation of specific commands, see Commands Reference.