Actions > Attributes

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In the Actions menu, the Attributes command modifies various operating system attributes of the selected files and folders.

For Windows file systems, the DOS attributes (Read-only, Hidden or Archive) are modified.  You cannot modify the System attribute.

For Mac and Linux file systems, the owner and group access permissions are modified.

If a folder is selected, its attributes are modified but not those of its contents.  To modify the attributes of folder contents, you need to expand the folder and select the contents.

The checkboxes initially show the current state of the selected items.  If a checkbox is unmarked, that attribute is disabled on all the selected files.  If a checkbox is marked, that attribute is enabled on all the selected files.  If a checkbox is marked and gray, that attribute is only enabled on some of the selected files.

Unmark a checkbox to clear that attribute from all selected files, or mark it to set the attribute.