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Tags for AAC/Movies like with MP3?

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  • Tags for AAC/Movies like with MP3?

    With MP3's, double-clicking on a file brings up a left/right tag view of all the ID3 tags, both v1/2, as well as the length of the actual audio data length. This is invaluable when trying to figure out why two songs are different (one has the beat tag, one has a 1/1 disk tag, one has a cover picture, etc.).

    Why do AAC files (.m4a) and movie files (.mp4 and .m4v) not do the same thing, but instead go straight to a byte comparison (which is disastrous for movies given the size of their files)? Both support the same kind of tags that MP3 supports.

    Consider this a request. Thanks!

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    Other formats support "tags", but don't support the library and style specifically that we use for MP3 files. We're able to parse this information out for MP3 Audio files, but not all audio formats or movie files. Enhancing this support is something on our wishlist, but isn't in the current version. As is, any binary file is opened in the Hex Compare if viewed, as it is the most appropriate (compared to using the Text Compare, Picture Compare, etc).

    Instead of double clicking to view these files, from a Folder Compare you can right click and Compare Contents to perform a Binary scan. This would help determine if the files are equal/different without needing to view them.
    Aaron P Scooter Software