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Crash after deleting session

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  • Crash after deleting session

    Beyond Compare crashes after deleting saved sessions and selecting the next sessions.
    Tested on version 4.3.4 (build 24657) for Linux.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Have some (auto-)saved sessions
    2. Open BC
    3. Delete one session ([Del] [Enter])
    4. Try to select the next sessions using [Shift+Arrow Up/Down]
    It is important not to select anything else between step 3 and 4, i.e. do not press any arrow key without shift.

    BC crashes with the following message:
    TApplication.HandleException Access violation
    Stack trace:

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    Thanks for the report. I'm not seeing the full crash, but I do see an odd pause or a complete failure for shift+arrow to move the selection until after I move it once with (no shift) arrows, so there's something going on here. I'll open a tracker to investigate.
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