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Downloading BC4 installer executables

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  • Aaron

    Thanks. In these scenarios, we usually recommend whitelisting our website to allow for .exe downloads, since this is the same method our Help menu -> Check for Updates uses in order to deploy the update.

    However, in case this isn't possible, we do have a .zip download of the most recent version available, here:

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  • giskard
    started a topic Downloading BC4 installer executables

    Downloading BC4 installer executables

    Ever since the Nimda virus many years ago, many corporates (such as my employer) block the download of executable files, meaning that I can't download updates to my copy of BC4.

    Could I politely request that Scooter Software also provide installer files as .ZIP files containing the .EXE? Doing so will spare me - and lots of others - the hassle of having to email Scooter support to get a download link to a ZIP file.

    Thanks in advance.