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  • select file checkboxes

    I'm considering using this software. One feature missing (and missing also in other software I've tried) is the ability to, doing folder compares, to select specific files using a checkbox so I can later do 'copy selected files to ...'.

    Situation happens normally when comparing a folder structure in a staging server against a live server, you may want to live only some changed files, but you don't know which files exactly, so you have to open them to see the differences (which would clear the files you have ctrl-click selected). Is this possible to add?

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    This is a feature on our wishlist, but is not supported in the current version of BC3. Given the current description of your workflow, I'd recommend copying over the individual changes and saving the file, or returning to the main view and copying over the individual file after review. You can also Exclude a file from the compare if you decide you do not want to copy it later, which would remove it from view if you decided to then use the display filters to Show Different Files, then copy all different files (minus the excluded).
    Aaron P Scooter Software