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  • Ignore footer in BC2

    Hi guys

    I am using BC2 as part of an automated regression pack which compares reports created in Systest and UAT and outputs the diffs. We have the PDF plug in and all works well, except that some diffs are only in the fotter with time stamps.

    Is there any way to ignore these as it will save having to check results that say they differ when in fact we are not worried about them.



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    Yes, it is possible to ignore differences in the BC2 File Viewer.

    With the files open in the File Viewer, select "Tools > Edit Current Rules".
    Go to the Importance tab.

    In the Unimportant Text section, check a difference to ignore, or click New to define ignored text with delimiters, columns, or regular expressions.

    Back in the main File Viewer window, toggling "View > Ignore Unimportant Differences" will show or hide the differences you marked to ignore.

    For more details, see the "Rules > File Importance Rules" section of Beyond
    Compare's help file.

    The unimportant text settings will also be used for Rules-based comparison criteria (set in "Session > Comparison Control") in the Folder Viewer.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thanks Chris

      I am struggling with this though as you can select to ignore a header but not a footer.
      The problem I have is that the data is not the same on each report as it is a date and time, so there is no hard and fast rule I can apply to say ignore text that starts with "Date:" as there is no label.
      Literally all I get is this...

      2-JUL-09 10:11:12

      Is there a way I can ignore footer text that is not constant?


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        You can create a new Unimportant element that matches on the text specifically using regular expressions:

        The above matches on:
        ^ beginning of line
        \s* optional whitespace
        \d{1,2} 1 or 2 digits
        - dash
        \w{3} 3 alphanumeric characters
        \d{2} 2 digits
        \s whitespace
        \d\d:\d\d:\d\d 2digits:2digits:2digits
        \s*$ optional whitespace until end of line.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          I shall give that a try - thanks for your help.