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From Our Users

On 04/12/2024, Molly L. wrote:

Hi, I just had an amazing call with one of your support staff. He was incredibly patient and kind as he had to repeat himself a few times as I am pretty concerned about messing things up on my end. I really appreciate the software so much but also having a team that has the patience and kindness for a beginner user. The program is so beautifully simple, I feel that I understand it well, especially after talking with your support staff and feel comfortable using it to back up really important work.

This has been an incredible experience as I have been wanting to find a program like Beyond Compare for the last ten years of shooting and working as a self taught photographer. I can understand that a class may have let me know about your software but I have so many friends who will benefit from knowing about you. There are a TON of photographers today who don't have great backups of their work and I rarely run into people in my field with great organization, none the less, great backups. I wonder if you could run Facebook or Instagram ads to photographers as I feel that I had a really tough time finding out about Beyond Compare. After feeling really frustrated with a ton of answers on Reddit and none so straightforward to my needs, I asked AI which backup software was most popular or if there even were any and CHAT GPT recommended you!

This program and your staff have been a huge blessing and a big stress relief. I am embarrassed to say I have been so worried about my single copied drives I have been carrying them around in my backpack. Not being SSD this is pretty dangerous! But I have been afraid to lose one and felt safer keeping my life's work close to me. This software has freed me up so much and solved one of my biggest problems. I wish I could explain in full how much better I feel going to the beach or going on a trip and leaving my precious work at home, knowing I have a backup at a friends house that has been fully checked over by Beyond Compare. Why would you not just copy the drives onto a new drive? I had done this in attempt to create backups but as I can often be slightly disorganized or sometimes out of laziness or haste I had used the drives interchangeably which lead to many things and edits being excluded meaning I really just had created two drives that each had unique info on them. I have used your software to back up/ compare 8 drives I have at my house and feel a huge weight lifted.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! This is one of the best days!! Thank you for your mega patience with me, it means everything and I will absolutely teach all of my friends about Beyond Compare. Should I make a YouTube channel (been debating) I will be making one of my first videos about backing up with Beyond Compare.

Please send me an email when 5 will be available for purchase, otherwise I believe it will tell me in 20 days or so. Thank you endlessly.