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From Our Users

On 05/30/2023, Michael L. wrote:
"Thank you Beyond Compare team!"

Hi folks, it’s almost midnight right here in France and as usual I’m working with the great help of Beyond Compare.

I use it every single day at work since 2009 I guess. I love how fast it is, the realignment, the HTML report (which I often convert back to PDF to send it to colleagues), the SFTP profiles, the ability to call external programs (in my case DCMTK’s dump to dump DICOM to XML) to apply conversion, the basic look, the rule editor, the full tree view, the `all » or « just diffs » buttons, … there is not much I would change if anything.

At first I used it on Windows. Since BC4 I use it mostly on Linux and Mac; there is no more Windows involved in my work.

When I hear some developers telling me how great ChatGPT improves their efficiency, I just tell them to try BC4 first … :)

Thank you!