Evaluate Pro when Licensed for Standard

BC3 logo BC version 3 or 4

If you are licensed for Beyond Compare Standard Edition but you want to evaluate Pro Edition features, you can place BC back into trial mode.

To restore trial mode, close Beyond Compare, then rename the file where your license key is saved from BC4Key.txt to BC4Key.back.

License key location

  • Windows, current user:  C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 4\BC4Key.txt
  • Windows, all users:  C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 4\BC4Key.txt
  • macOS, current user:  /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Beyond Compare/BC4Key.txt
  • macOS, all users:  /Applications/Beyond Compare.app/Contents/MacOS/BC4Key.txt
  • Linux, current user:  ~username/.config/bcompare/BC4Key.txt
  • Linux, all users:  /etc/BC4Key.txt or /usr/lib64/beyondcompare/BC4Key.txt

After you've renamed the license key, run Beyond Compare, then select Help | About Beyond Compare from the menu on Windows/Linux or Beyond Compare | About Beyond Compare on macOS.  Check Evaluate Pro Edition features.  Restart Beyond Compare.  When you are finished evaluating the Pro Edition, rename BC4Key.back to BC4Key.txt to restore your license.

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