How to Report Problems

If you have found a problem with Beyond Compare, we want to hear about it!  Please send us an email that describes the problem, and consider including the following:

Include Your Beyond Compare Settings

You can produce a zip archive containing your Beyond Compare settings (Sessions, File Formats, etc):

  1. Select Support from the Help menu, and click the Export button.
  2. Attach the settings file to your email to us.

Sample Files

If possible and practical, please include sample files to help us recreate the problem.


If a screenshot will help describe the problem:


  1. Press ALT+PrintScreen to place a snapshot of the current window on the clipboard.  (Press PrintScreen without the Alt key to capture the entire screen.)
  2. Open the Microsoft Paint program (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint) and press CTRL+V to paste the image.
  3. Pick Save as... and select PNG Picture (*.png) as the file type.
  4. Attach the image file to your email to us.


  1. Press Command (⌘)+Shift+4.
  2. Click on the Beyond Compare window to save a screenshot to your desktop.
  3. Attach the image file to your email to us.


  1. Press ALT+PrintScreen.
  2. Left click on the Beyond Compare window.
  3. Name the screenshot and click Save.
  4. Attach the image file to your email to us.

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