Command Line Tools on macOS

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"I would like to use Beyond Compare with my Version Control System."  or "I tried to use the Beyond Compare menu to Install Command Line Tools but it failed."

Beyond Compare requires an additional step after the main install in order to be used from the command line or with version control.  Boot the application, and then go to Beyond Compare | Install Command Line Tools.  This will require your password, and will then create two shortcuts to use:

Failed to install command line tools

If this option has failed (usually due to a permissions issue), these Symbolic Links can be manually created.  Go to the Terminal and run:

  1. sudo    (may be required)
  2. ln -s /Applications/Beyond\ /usr/local/bin/bcompare
  3. ln -s /Applications/Beyond\ /usr/local/bin/bcomp

Install command line tools without sudo/root access

Go to the Terminal and run:

  1. mkdir ~/bin
  2. nano ~/.zshrc (macOS Catalina) or nano ~/.bash_profile (macOS Mohave or older)
  3. Add the line export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH
  4. ln -s /Applications/Beyond\ ~/bin/bcompare
  5. ln -s /Applications/Beyond\ ~/bin/bcomp