Beyond Compare 5.0 Beta

Thanks for helping us with our version 5 release!

WARNING:  This beta software has passed our basic testing, but likely has many bugs.  Do not use it on important data unless you have a backup!

Let us know if you find problems.

What's New in Version 5

Note:  BC5 is currently in beta.

Light Mode / Dark Mode

If you prefer to use a dark user interface, version 5 includes support for switching light and dark modes.

Word Wrap in Text Compare

The Text Edit and Text Compare views now support wrapping lines to fit the display.

Table Compare Overhaul

The Table Compare view has been significantly enhanced, including support for multiple Excel sheets and multiple HTML tables.

Other Significant Features

  • Windows 11 context menu.
  • Native support for Apple silicon.  Improved performance on macOS.
  • Media Compare (formerly MP3 compare) now supports additional file types:  FLAC, MP3, MP4/AAC.
  • Per monitor scaling on Windows.
  • Linux upgraded to Qt 5.
  • Text Merge now allows manually aligning multiline selections.
  • Version Compare supports more header fields, improved MUI handling, improved error handling.