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These options allow you to customize visual aspects of the various types of file views.

Pick an element from the list to change its visual treatment.  You can change the Text color and Background color of each element on the list.  For some elements you can change the font Style to bold and/or italic.

Lower elements in the list override higher ones.  Pick Default to leave unchanged a color set by an element higher on the list.

Mark the Use stripes checkbox to tint the background on every other line of the comparison.

The Selection element controls the treatment of selected text.  By default, Beyond Compare uses a medium blue color for selections so that difference coloring is not obscured.  If you prefer the operating system's standard treatment for selections, mark the Use system checkbox.  Selected text will then lose difference and syntax coloring, although the statusbar will still describe the current position's comparison and grammar type.

The Important difference and Unimportant difference settings control the treatment of differences.  The Background color affects the entire line, allowing you to spot lines with differences even when the actual differences are scrolled off-screen.  The Text background color can be used to further highlight text that is different.

The list also includes syntax highlighting elements.

Click one of the font buttons to change the overall font used to display text.  The Editor Font is used in Text Compare, Text Merge and Table Compare views.  The Hex Font is used in Hex Compare views, as well as the optional hex details display at the bottom of other views.  The Listing Font is used in all other views.

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