Folder View Color, Font Options

Tools > Options > Colors, Fonts > Folder Views

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These options allow you to customize overall colors and fonts used in folder views.


By default, the font used for folder displays is the same as what the operating system uses.  To change it, unmark the Use system font checkbox and click the Font button.


The Selection element controls the treatment of selected text.  By default, Beyond Compare uses a medium blue color for selections so that difference coloring is not obscured.  If you prefer the operating system's standard treatment for selections, mark the Use system checkbox.  Selected files will then lose difference coloring, although the color spot to the left of each filename will still be colored appropriately.


Pick the colors to be used for Filtered out items (when Suppress Filters is used), and for items whose comparison state is Unknown.  Mark the Use Stripes checkbox to tint the background on every other line of the comparison.