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Standard vs. Pro Editions

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The Standard edition of Beyond Compare is a powerful full-featured comparison tool, not a stripped-down "lite" version.  The Standard edition has full-screen editing, full Unicode support, syntax highlighting, and much more.

However, the Pro edition adds these advanced functions:

3-way merging

Compares independent changes against a common ancestor to create new merged content, for folders or individual files.

Text replacements

Specifies text as unimportant if it is changed to a specific value on the other side.  For example, you can make apple found on the left when compared to orange on the right an unimportant difference.

Folder Compare alignment overrides

Overrides how files are aligned in a Folder Compare session.  For example, you could compare your .gif files on one side with .png files of the same name on the other side. More information....

Source control integration .

Adds commands for checking files in or out of SCC-compliant version control systems. More information....

SFTP support

Rather than relying on third-party solutions, Beyond Compare Pro has integrated support for secure FTP protocols (SFTP and FTP over SSL). More information....

Registry Compare

Compares live registries, both local and remote, as well as registry files. More information....


Note The trial download of Beyond Compare contains both Standard and Pro editions.  You can turn off Pro mode in the Help | About dialog to limit your trial to Standard functionality.

Your license key will unlock the appropriate edition for permanent use.  If you choose the Standard Edition license, you can upgrade later to Pro for the difference in price.