Text Patch Commands

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Following is a description of the Text Patch commands, in addition to the common commands.  Most of these commands are available as toolbar buttons.

Pick Tools > Options and switch to the Toolbars, etc. page to define your own keyboard shortcuts, and hide or expose commands on the menus and toolbars.

The File menu

Open With

Opens the file in one of the external Open With applications.

Open With >

 Associated Application

Opens the file with its associated application.

Open With >

 Text Edit

Opens the file with the built-in text editor.

Apply Patch

Applies the patch file.

The Edit menu


Copies selection to the Clipboard.

Select All

Selects all visible lines in the current pane.

Select Section

Selects all lines in the current section.

The Search menu

Next Difference

Positions at next difference text.

Previous Difference

Positions at previous difference text.

Next Difference Section

Positions at next difference section.

Previous Difference Section

Positions at previous difference section.

Next Difference Files

Opens the next pair of files with differences.

Previous Difference Files

Opens the previous pair of files with differences.


Searches for matching text.

Find Next

Finds next occurrence of search string.

Find Previous

Finds previous occurrence of search string.

Go To

Positions at specified line and column.

Toggle Bookmark

Places a numbered marker on the current line of the comparison, numbered from 0 to 9.

Go To Bookmark

Repositions at the specified bookmark.

Clear Bookmarks

Removes all bookmarks from the comparison.

The View menu

Visible Whitespace

Shows or hides visible spaces, tabs.

Line Numbers

Shows or hides line numbers.

Syntax Highlighting

Shows or hides syntax highlighting.

Display Font *

Selects the font to use in editor panes.

Increase Display Font Size *

Increases editor font size.

Decrease Display Font Size *

Decreases editor font size.

Reset Display Font Size *

Resets editor font size.

Side-by-side Layout

Arranges editor panes left and right of each other.

Over-under Layout

Arranges editor panes above and below each other.


Shows or hides the thumbnail summary of changes at left of view.

Text Details

Shows or hides the text details panel at bottom of view.

Hex Details

Shows or hides the hexadecimal details panel at bottom of view.

Alignment Details

Shows or hides the alignment details panel at bottom of view.


Shows or hides the line details ruler.


Shows or hides the toolbar.

* Hidden by default.