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    Default Compare contents of zip folders with original file


    Our backup software zips all files (individually) and sends them via ftp to our storage server incrementally. I would like to be able to verify that the backup has copied all of the files that have been changed that day and that the byte count is correct.

    Is there a way to compare the original files with the contents of the zip file on the backup server? Including byte count and date modified?

    Your help is appreciated.

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    Assuming your files all of unique names within the base folders, you can set the Session menu -> Session Settings, Handling tab, Always treat archives as Folders. This will automatically unzip the archives as folders, but will not auto-align them. Next, to align the files, set the View menu -> Ignore Folder Structure. This will ignore the (zip) folders all of the FTP files are in, and will align all files by file name. This requires the unique file names since only file name is used for alignment, regardless of the folder structure.
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