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    Default "Editing disabled" displayed on 2 way file compare

    When I open a previous compare of 2 files, the bottom of the window shows "Editing disabled". If I start a new compare using the exact same files, I don't get the "Editing disabled" at the bottom of the window. I have search the help and in the fourms for info on this status, but I have not found anything. How is the "Ediging disable" status set/cleared?


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    It can be set and cleared for a variety of reasons, but the most likely is the Session menu -> Session Settings, Specs tab that can be saved with the specific (previous) session. This may have Disable Editing enabled.

    If the previous session uses different File Formats for each or both sides, these formats might have Editing Disabled as part of their settings.

    Do either of these scenarios explain your current behavior?
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