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    Unhappy Report getting generated as 30 MB HTML file

    I am comparing to xml/dat files with each other and and the report comes out to be 30 MB html file which is very huge to open.

    The IE gets crashed. I am using the display all with html-color.

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    I just replied to your other post, here:


    While BC3 can generate the report, the viewer opening it might not be able to handle it depending on the viewer's version, capabilities, and your general hardware.

    I would suggest either trying a different viewer, a newer version of IE, or paring down the Report so that it does not Show All (which would then be smaller and IE might be able to open it).

    You might always want to try the output to Printer option, then if you have a version of Adobe that can Print to PDF, use that to generate a PDF report file."
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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