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    Default Merging or comparing LDIF contact lists

    I need to merge several contact lists from Thunderbird. I can export/import in LDIF or CSV.
    BC does not do the job correcty at the moment. The single contacts are not recognized as such.
    Any help?

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    The Data Compare requires a Key column to be correctly defined. It defaults to column 1, but is column 1 of your CSV a correct Key (unique identifier of the row) column? If not, you'll need to change that, or open your CSV file in the Text Compare session instead of the Data Compare session.

    To set a Key column, right click any column header and switch from Key, Standard, or Unimportant. The Key will be sorted, and then aligned by. You could set the First Name and Last Name columns to be a Key (both, together, as a Key), assuming there are no duplicate names in your database.
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