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    Hi Aaron,

    I found a grammar that works fine, shown in the image attached. Slowly but surely, I'm developing a full Fortran grammar

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    I tried specifying:

    ^C to end of line

    It does not seem to work when I specify this as a "Comment". I made sure comments were un-checked in the Rules/Importance box.
    In "Grammar Item" is it important to pick the right "Category"

    Using BC4


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    It would probably be best to email us at with an export of the format or your full (Help menu -> Support; Export), with a pair of sample files, and we can take a look why the grammar isn't detecting. Please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.

    Common issues are another grammar that also matches on the same section or surrounding section that swallows the definition. Or if you defined a regular expression but accidentally missed enabling the Regular Expression option in the grammar element. If you click the cursor into the text area, the bottom status bar will show the detected grammar item.

    In case it helps, we have a full walkthrough/video guide for defining a grammar and marking it as unimportant here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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