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    Unhappy Unreadable results when comparing Excel spreadsheets in BC2

    I use BC2 to compare 2 folders containing multiple Excel spreadsheets. The comparison works fine (ie. if there is no difference, it reports an exact match, and if there are diffs, it reports that the files do not match). However, BC displays the results in an unreadable format, which makes it impossible to check the diffs, if any. Could someone please help?

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    The default comparison in the Folder Viewers is a timestamp and size comparison. If the files are different in timestamp or size, they will be marked as different.

    To view Excel files, you will need a copy of Excel on your machine and the "MS Excel" rule downloaded and installed from our website, here:

    Please follow the README instructions in the .zip for detailed steps on where to extract the files and how to install them.
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