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    Default Comparing Column Headings

    We have a scenario where migration from one version of a reporting system that is used to produce CSVs to another, results in truncated column headers.


    CSV1 ==

    "My Column One","My Column Two"
    "My Data One","My Data Two"

    CSV2 ==

    "My Column O","My Column T"
    "My Data One","My Data Two"

    Folder and file compares are successful but I need to identify the column header differences as well. (we're comparing 1000+ outputs).

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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    The column headers are not normally part of the comparison. Are you using a Key Column and Sorting? If not, you can edit the File Format, and in the Type tab change to the first line contains: data.

    Or if you open your files in the Text Compare, any text changes will be shown as a difference. A Binary scan would detect any difference as well. Are these viable options for you?
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