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    The reason I'm posting here is because this was the only thread I could find that dealt with the same issue I've been having. I've just ignored it over the years and let BC do it's thing instead of just renaming the folder myself. Problem is, as the years go on there are more and more folders with more and larger files, so not only isn't this practical anymore but it's extremely time consuming. I'm currently running BC4 Pro so I'm hoping either (a) it's now able to handle this issue but I'm doing something wrong, or (b) someone has since written a script to handle this issue and is willing to share it. Thanks

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    This varies a little bit depending on the nature of the renames.

    By default, any rename will be a difference that breaks alignment, and the items (folders or files) will be considered orphans.

    BC4 Pro's Alignment Override can define a rule (regular expression) to match and align files/folders that match the rule. This requires "knowing" the different text of the name, however. Such as file.txt = file-Renamed.txt. The rule can mask for "file", but not "-Renamed".

    We do not have the ability to scan and align by other criteria automatically. It's a very large project to tackle, but is something on our wishlist.
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