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    Now that I've been on OpenSUSE KDE for a few years, another thing is dawning on me, many other Qt/KDE apps are opening up very slowly too, eg, "kwrite" and "dolphin".

    I've done a bit of googling and this thread proved interesting:

    The poster here suggests turning on the qt raster engine via adding this into your "~/.profile" file:

    export QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM="raster"

    Hmm, it's early days with my assessment, but my initial impression is that this setting did have a positive impact. Apps like "kwrite" and "dolphin" seem to be opening up a lot faster now. As for beyond-compare, it's opening time has improved from the 7-8 seconds I mentioned initially, down to about 2-3 seconds after the setting was applied.

    Some repliers on the post mentioned that they had an Nvidia card (and the native nvidia driver). So do I, so perhaps that is a common factor for the issue.

    Perhaps this might also explain why the virtualboxes of opensuse+kde never seemed to suffer from the 7-8 second delay, as they wouldn't have had the nvidia driver installed.

    All the same, the improved 2-3 sec delay is still a painful wait, and I still always find myself keeping a spare copy of beyond-compare minimised in the background, so that any future instances start up instantly.

    It's a dodgy workaround I know, but atleast it saves me the 2-3 second wait...

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    Thanks for this information. I'll pass it on to a dev to see if it'll help us in future releases.
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