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    Sorry for late reply again.
    Actually I don't know how the share folder was established.
    Maybe I made a mistake last time, which made you confused, so I have a carefully inspect this time.

    The share folder name is like this:
    XXX_XXX$ (\\YYY)
    followed with the Drive letter Z:
    (I've changed the real name with XXX and YYY, just let you know the name structure.)

    So if you enter the share folder, there will be the Drive letter Z:\ in the address bar only, and it's the same situation in Total Commander, and the same situation in BC when you choose the share folder before sync.

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    Is the address bar just "z:\" or is it something else like "\\computer\z$"?

    Does it appear in my computer as a Z:\ drive, next to C:\ or D:\? Binding as a drive letter should have already stored the username and password as part of creating "z:\".

    If accessing as "\\computer\folder\", it may not have the password stored, but it should bring up a prompt.

    Are you running into both of these issues with \\computer\ and with z:\?
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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    Yes, it's like XXX_XXX$ (\\YYY)(Z in the adress bar.
    but when you click the adress bar, it will changed to the real adress as Z:\ in Windows 7 automatically.
    Just as I mentioned before, it appear underneath of other local hard drives like C:\ or D:\
    strangely enough, because the name and password expired yesterday, people from IT service renewed the password, I tried this time, it works!
    Anyway, it's great that it does work now.
    Thanks very much!

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