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    Post Script to automate data sync of multiple PC file systems onto one Central PC w/USB

    I have a task to automate the routine of taking data files from multiple PCs and importing the data onto a central PC data server using a USB drive (unfortunately no networking/ftp is allowed). The files are very large so all will not fit onto the USB drive. I am trying to figure out a way to write a script that will keep track of files that have been copied/sync'd (ie a master text file with the files names) so that the script knows what data has not been imported yet. Is there a way to do this with BC3? I've been trying various ways such as using a snapshot or a zip file list, however this gets to be too large to reside on a USB drive. Is there a function that will record the filename to a text list? Thanks!

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    In the graphical interface, you can use the Edit menu -> Expand All, Select All Files, and right click the selection and Copy Filename. Paste for a plain text list.

    Alternatively, you can generate a Folder Report in txt or html.

    I would be surprised about the snapshot size. How large is it becoming? Are you including additional information such as CRC codes and version info, or did you disable those options?
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