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    Default Windows to Linux Different file size same contents

    Hey guys

    I'm running some BC sessions between my Windows environment and a (what I'm guessing to be an apache server on a Linux based OS).

    The binary comparison is showing files as different when in fact the contents are the same but the file size is different, does anyone know how to work around this so I can see only which files have a different contents

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    You may be running into this:

    When you double click and view the files, do they then detect as the "same" in the rules-based comparison? If so, you may have different line endings (PC vs. Linux), also due to an upload to FTP:

    You can go to the Tools menu -> FTP Profiles, select your specific profile, and in the Transfer tab switch to a Binary transfer. Then try uploading from the Windows machine to the Linux FTP. Does this help?
    Our default behavior translates the line endings to Linux when uploading to Linux (or back to Windows when downloading from), so that they can be opened and viewed on the Linux machine. If they don't need to be opened and viewed on the Linux box, you can transfer them as binary information to preserve the Windows line endings on the Linux FTP server.
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