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Thread: Upgrade pricing

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    Question Upgrade pricing

    Nice redesign of the beta site... however it is unclear to me what the cost would be for BC2 users to upgrade to BC3-Pro.

    Since BC2 is considered to be BC3 Standard, and the 1/2 price only applies to 'comparable' license edition, does that mean the BC2 users pay full price for pro ($50), or that they upgrade to BC3 Std ($15) and then upgrade to Pro for the difference? And what would that difference be? $20 (Pro $50 - Std $30), $35 (Pro $50 - Upg Std $15), or $10 (upg Pro $25 - Upg Std $15)?

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    The cost would be $15 (to upgrade an older BC2 license to BC3 Standard) + $20 (to upgrade from BC3 Standard to BC3 Pro).
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