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    Default "Open With" on multiple selected tems


    I have added a custom "Open With" for folders in BC3's options. It's an simple association with a .bat file which expect a list of folder names.

    Unfortunately, the only option for such a custom "open with" is to open each selected folder with the .bat, one by one. Instead of that, I would like to send all selected folders' name to the .bat file at once. Is it possible ?

    If not yet possible, I think that could be the default behavior, in a future release, when the feature "Multiple Instance" is not checked in the "Open With"'s options.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. This behavior is not currently supported in BC3, as you have found out, but it is on our Customer Wishlist to allow sending a list of files to a single Open With.

    As a workaround, you can select all of your files and use the Copy Filename command to generate a list of full paths to your clipboard. This may be useful in pasting into a parse-able input file.
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