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    Default "Update left" without comfirmation prompt ?

    Assume I compare two folders (trees).

    In the result window there is a (sub)directory (with files inside) which exist on the right side but not on the left.
    I mark that folder and click on the green triple arrow left icon in the toolbar which means "update(copy) selected folders/files) to the left side".

    Unfortunately always a popup prompt appears asking for a comfirmation "Just selection=yes"?

    How can I avoid this popup prompt and enable automatically always "Just selection" ?

    Similarly I want to suppress the prompt when deleting some files/folders.

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    Use the yellow left arrow to copy the folder (you started a synch which is not neccessary in your case). The copy-confirmation can be disabled in Tools/Options/Folder Views/Confirmations.
    The synch-confirmation can't be disabled.

    It is not recommended to disable the delete-confirmation because you can lose your data unintentionally.
    If you're really shure you can change this in Tools/Tweaks/Folder Views/Confirmations.
    The Tweaks dialog isn't visible by default, you can get it by hitting Shift-Ctrl-T or enable the command in Tools/Customize Commands... (search for 'twe').

    I enabled the setting 'Require ...' to double-check before deleting, but I usually don't delete files.

    Greetings Lutz
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