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    As I know in powerpoint 2013, you can use compare to check the diffs between two file. However, it is not a completed comparison. I found theres is a case it can not be detected. When you copy and paste something into a cell of a table in the pptx, it would not be detected by the powerpoint compare fuction. i am not sure you software can found such kind change?

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    A text comparison of Powerpoint PPT file format is available as an additional download here:

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    Pasting text into a table appears to convert and compare in our Text Compare using the latest BC 4.2.2 and installed Powerpoint file format. However, if you have not Saved the PTTX, then opening in BC4 requires running Powerpoint to perform the conversion. This call can close powerpoint and not prompt to save changes.

    If you save the change first and then run the comparison, does this compare as you expect? If you are still having trouble, please post or email us at sample pair of pttx files and let us know which table and slide to look at (what text was pasted, etc) so we can compare. If emailed at, please also include a link back to this forum thread for our reference, and your from the Help menu -> Support; Export.
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