Close. Override Quick Test results will mark a file as different, even if the timestamp and size are equal, and will mark the file as equal even if the timestamp is different. However, if the content comparison is different and the timestamp is different, then the file will be "Newer" or "Older" for its status. A status of "Different" will only occur if the content comparison returns different, and the timestamps are equal. A Sync Update will still only deal with "Newer" files or Orphan files, and won't copy over "Older" or "Different" files.

You can find a complete list of tags on the Home screen (first screen BC3 shows when booted). In the Saved Sessions list of auto-saved and manual sessions, there is a green Edit session defaults folder. Expand this and select MP3 Compare to find the list to uncheck. The lists shown in the specific MP3 Compare child sessions would only be those tags that apply to that pair of files.

Setting a child sessions settings involves opening the parent folder compare, double clicking a file, editing the session settings of that file's comparison, and changing the dropdown from "use for this view only" to "Use for all files in parent session" and then re-saving the parent Folder Compare.